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Vauxhall Viva 2 door 1973: Rare, yes, desirable…?

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1973 Vauxhall Viva For Sale Description

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Like brothers who wouldn´t talk to each other, Opel and Vauxhall were GM subsidiaries, intent on beating each other in the European market. The Viva was Vauxhall´s Opel Kadett, but shared nothing with its German cousin. This changed when the range went FWD in the mid 70s, both marques being based on the German models, but sold under the two brand names.

Although Vauxhall competed with Opel for sales in Europe, Opel was a clear winner in export markets (no-one could pronounce Vauxhall outside UK…). Portugal was one of the few markets which liked British cars in the 70s, and the climate has preserved this example of a car now very hard to find in the UK, quality and rust resistance being equally poor.

This 2 Door Vauxhall Viva is low miles (70000 kms claimed) and looks as original as it is claimed to be. The brown on black interior is typical of the period and the styling is clearly downsized 70s GM. With 1300cc, this is no rocket ship, but the Viva was used for racing and the basic package can be upgraded effectively. For the money, however, perhapps best just to leave this one as it is.

Price: 2.600 €

Access original ad at Motores 24h →

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