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True Brit: 1956 109″ Land Rover S1

We hope to share interesting finds of cars which are for sale in Spain, Portugal and their Island provinces (Canary Isles and Madeira). In the process, as enthusiasts well-experienced in buying and selling, importing and exporting, sourcing cars and spare parts in Spain and Portugal, we hope to be able to connect buyers with sellers and be at the service of both...

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1956 109″ Land Rover S1 For Sale Description

Access original ad at Mil Anuncios →

This is a well-used Solihull-built early LWB Land Rover with desirable pick-up cab. It´s expensive and needs work (bulkhead looks corroded), but maybe much less expensive a needy than a UK-supplied equivalent. But the look is hard to resist, same thing would cost double in the US/UK, so take cash and haggle.

Also, take a tape measure or check the VIN and you might just find it is a 107″ version, 1956 being the changeover year. In any case, seller says that the tyres are new (maybe, but surely not correct!) and there are unspecified spare parts to go with it.

Tenerife was a free port in Franco´s day, and a benevolent climate mean that a lot of nice cars have survived there, but consider that it will cost about 1000€ to ship one to the Spanish mainland.

Price: 10.000 €

Access original ad at Mil Anuncios →

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