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Classic Plastic: But not a Studebaker

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Avanti II For Sale Description

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The Avanti was the last throw of the dice by the Studebaker company, an innovative «personal luxury coupé» designed by Raymond Loewy (design consultancy behind the Coke bottle). Made out of fibreglass, fewer than 5000 Studebaker Avantis were built between 1962 and 1963, when Studebaker ceased to be.

This car is not a Studebaker, but it is an Avanti. The rights to the model were bought by a Studebaker dealer, the futuristic Avanti was re-engineered with Chevy Corvette power and re-launched as Avanti II in 1965. This 1966 auto-transmission example is one of those cars. Super-rare in Europe (especially in Franco´s Spain) this Avanti II looks fabulously original in black on black with correct Rostyle wheels.

There is no description at all, but the car is with a dealer in Jaen, (central/southern Spain) and the price doesn´t seem crazy (though cheaper in USA, obviously) if as good as it looks in the photos. The Avanti II became a zombie which wouldn´t die. The project went through various companies and locations, getting older and uglier, until its final demise in 2006, but an early example like this one is of genuine interest.

Price: 24.999 €

studebaker avanti 2 for sale

studebaker avanti ii for sale

Access original ad at Mil Anuncios →

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