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Curious survivor: Standard 8

As Iberian Finds, we hope to share interesting finds of cars which are for sale in Spain, Portugal and their Island provinces. In the process, as enthusiasts well-experienced in buying and selling, importing and exporting, sourcing cars and spare parts in Spain and Portugal, we hope to be able to connect buyers with sellers and be at the service of both...

1956 Standard 8 For Sale Description

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How this got to Jaen is inexplicable, but the dry climate of central Spain has obviously helped it to survive. You can find Standard 8 in the UK, but I´ve never seen one like this. Look at the photos of the rear of the car and work out how you load the luggage.

In fact, this is the first version of Standard 8, which was designed to compete with Austin A30 and Morris Minor. Price being one way to compete, the company left out a boot aperture on the first models, so luggage was loaded via the split rear seat. The public hated the idea, and quickly Standard began to build the car with a conventional boot opening.

The unpopularity of this version, its short production span and its capacity to rot way mean that very few survive in the UK, but that is what we have here. So it´s a rare beast, simple to run, parts easily available, no ball of fire (though Stirling Moss had one as his first road car), for a very reasonable outlay.

Price: 4.000 €

Access original ad at Mil Anuncios →

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