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English rarity: Singer Le Mans Saloon

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1934 Singer Le Mans Saloon For Sale Description

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I can´t see that this is worth the asking price, but find another! This Singer Le Mans Saloon can be found in Madrid. Although it is RHD, the vendor says that it has Spanish registration (important to check the status of these) and I´m inclined to think that it has been in Spain since new (vendor claims 1934, which would be appropriate).

The Le Mans was a tuned version of the Singer 9, named for having finished 13th at Le Mans in 1932. The Le Mans has a 972cc ohc engine, special crank, sump and cam, twin Solex carbs giving 34bhp and a CR gearbox. It was a genuine competitor to the early MGs, available as 2 and 4 seater roadster/tourer. The (almost) unique thing about this example is that it is a 4 light saloon, one of 191 built. There are survivors of the coupé version, but I have not found any of this saloon version.

Price: 12.000 €

Access original ad at Mil Anuncios →

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