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Maus: Topolino Made in Germany

As Iberian Finds, we hope to share interesting finds of cars which are for sale in Spain, Portugal and their Island provinces. In the process, as enthusiasts well-experienced in buying and selling, importing and exporting, sourcing cars and spare parts in Spain and Portugal, we hope to be able to connect buyers with sellers and be at the service of both...

1959 Neckar Weinsberg Sedan For Sale Description

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Check most car websites and you´ll find no reference to Neckar, (known until 1959 as NSU/FIAT) and the company responsible for building and selling Fiat cars in Germany from 1929 until the early 1970s. Most of it’s products were clearly FIATs sold under a different model name, often with small variations in trim. So the Fiat 600 was the Neckar Jagst, the 1100 became the Europa.

The Weinsberg was Neckars version of the Fiat Nueva 500 and is mechanically identical. The bodywork is unique to the marque, more in the style of Autobianchi than Fiat, as Neckar wanted to sell the cars to the German middle class as second cars. The Weinsberg was produced in 2 versions, the Limousette (sedan) and Coupé. Fewer than 6000 were produced in total, and fewer than 100 are known to have survived, making this one of the rarest of the Topolino variants.

Portugal was one of the few export markets where Neckar was sold. This Limousette presents well in pale blue, with good interior. Importantly, it is complete as the trim is often unique to Neckar. Mechanical restoration is easy and cheap, the Weinsberg rusts just the same as its FIAT siblings, so this car in apparently good condition from a benign climate is not expensive. Car is in Almada, just across the river from Lisbon.

Price: 8.100 €

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