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1982 Innocenti 90L: De Tomaso/Bertone blend

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1982 Innocenti 90L For Sale Description

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Produced 1974-1982 by Innocenti, the BLMC owned company which built and distributed BL products in Italy, the 90L was designed by Bertone to update the Mini to compete with the new supermini hatchbacks such as Fiat 127 and Renault 5. The 90L was a success, being evaluated for production by BLMC (which was on the point of bankruptcy and rejected the proposal ) using the 998cc Mini engine and running gear (120L was 1275cc version). Ownership passed to De Tomaso when BLMC went bankrupt in 1976.

This particular example is from the final year of Mini-based production (the Innocenti was re-engineered in 1983 to use Daihatsu 3 cylinder engines). It is in Malaga and looks to be a very well-preserved and original survivor. Mileage is low (and credible), interior is clean and undamaged, as is the engine bay. Body and paint look straight and original. All mechanical parts are available and cheap. All-in-all, hard to go wrong as an interesting, unusual and usable town/villa car, priced reasonably between Metro and Mini money.

Price: 3.500 €

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