Iberian Finds, by 'La Escuderia'

Why look for an old car in Spain and Portugal? Four reasons: Climate, conservation, surprise and secrecy.

Most of the Iberian peninsula has a hot and dry climate which helped old metal to survive (there are exceptions on the Atlantic and Cantabrian coasts, for example). So although Spain and Portugal were never big markets for cars in the years upto 1980s, a high proportion of the cars sold survived.

Conservation, because neither country enjoyed great prosperity until the late 20th Century, expensive items such as cars were treated with respect (particularly in Portugal) and often had lives extended beyond the natural span.

Surprise, in that not everyone was poor in Spain and Portugal in the first 70 years of the 20th century. Indeed, people with money and influence could live very well, and often wanted to buy things which their society friends didn´t have. So in isolation, a car culture evolved based less on knowledge than the knowledge that no-one else had one. So quite often, Spain and Portugal throw up surprising finds at all levels of the market.

Secrecy remains part of the classic car movement, particularly in Spain. In the past, it was about not having too high a profile, wealth was displlayed to peers and intimates, rather than the general public. In modern times, it is often a fear of the taxman, but we know of many large collections of classic and historic vehicles which no-one ever visits.

We hope to share interesting finds of cars which are for sale in Spain, Portugal and their Island provinces (Canary Isles and Madeira). In the process, as enthusiasts well-experienced in buying and selling, importing and exporting, sourcing cars and spare parts in Spain and Portugal, we hope to be able to connect buyers with sellers and be at the service of both.

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