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Ford Cortina Mk1 2 Door: Amazing Survivor

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1965 Ford Cortina Mk1 2 Door For Sale Description

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This is the second version of the Ford Cortina Mk1, which introduced the Airflow ventilation system (considered revolutionary at the time). along with a new grille. Like many of the cars available in Portugal, this has been beautifully kept down the years. In specification, it is very basic, a 1300 2 door with column gear change would be among the cheapest Cortinas.

Its lovely Fern Green paint could be original, and the 2 tone interior certainly is. Not exactly cheap at 10000€, the car is located in the dry climate of Braga (50kms/40 minutes north of Porto airport), but the price may at least save it from being built into a Lotus Cortina race car, normally the fate of a 2 door Mk1 Cortina.

Price: 10.000 €

Access original ad at Motores 24h →

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