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Another class act: Fiat 2300

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1961 Fiat 2300 For Sale Description

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So, although this Fiat 2300 looks like a Madrid taxi from the 70s, it is much better than that. Hidden in deep Spain (Extremadura, near the Portuguese border), this is an enticing find for those in the know. Designed by Pininfarina, this was the Fiat flagship. Also available as a gorgeous Ghia-bodied coupé (now extremely rare and sought after) , this was the car for an Italian industrialist or government/Vatican official.

Years in the wilderness and its similarity to the lesser Fiat 1500/1800 (and their SEAT cousins), mean that the 2300 is largely forgotten today, but this example looks nice and original, a reminder of the neat detail work which went into these cars.

This example is well-priced, depending on what you find under those blankets on the seats. It all looks very time-warp, nice under bonnet, straight bodywork, all trim in place, original Madrid plate. The seller says the engine works but it needs restoration. In this case again, you might think that re-commissioning would be the point of departure.

Price: 4.000 €

Access original ad at Mil Anuncios →

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