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Plastic and cheap: Citroën Mehari

As Iberian Finds, we hope to share interesting finds of cars which are for sale in Spain, Portugal and their Island provinces. In the process, as enthusiasts well-experienced in buying and selling, importing and exporting, sourcing cars and spare parts in Spain and Portugal, we hope to be able to connect buyers with sellers and be at the service of both...

1977 Citroën Mehari For Sale Description

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Offered for sale in Porto (Oporto), this Citroën Mehari seems extremely cheap by European standards, but for some reason is par for the course in Portugal. Citroën built the 2CV and the Mehari in Portugal, but prices there seem well below that asked in other countries, even in Spain.

The Mehari redefines basic transport. The body is literally a plastic moulding, a process more normally applied to bathroom furniture. Basic weather equipment means that the Mehari will quickly revert to bath duty in inclement weather, but also means that the car is a lot of fun near a sunny beach.

Based 100% on the Citroën 2CV, which means all parts are available and cheap, the Mehari was designed for use by French farmers, so is unstoppable off road in the hands of a skilled driver. It is also amazingly easy for a DIY mechanic to work on, though they usually don´t go wrong.

Price: 1.500 €

citroen mehari for sale

Access original ad at Motores 24h →

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  1. Bernt Rentell
    Feb 2, 2019 en 17:56 — Responder

    Is this car still aviable?
    Is it in running condition?
    Im a swedish Guy but live most
    of my time in Spain.
    Best Regards
    Bernt Rentell

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