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Avant-Guarde d´antan: Citroën GS

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1977 Citroën GS Club For Sale Description

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Remember when rock was young? One of the great innovative cars of the late 60s and 70s, together with the Alfasud, was the Citroën GS. Whereas the Alfasud majored on its outstanding brio, the Citroën married futurism with practicality, bringing the sophistication of the DS/CX/SM into the middle market.

Shaped by Citroën but borrowing heavily from Pininfarina, the GS used Citroën´s trade mark hydorpneumatic suspension to amazing effect, combing executive ride with excellent handling (ignore the roll angles). With all new ultra reliable flat 4 engine, the GS was a triumph of packaging, taking 5 and their luggage anywhere in comfort. More space was available in the Break version, but both versions had space age interiors. Less good, as with the Alfasud, was the GS´s ability to resist corrosion.

So a nice, 2 owner, always garaged, low miles (65000 Kms claimed) car from sunny Portugal could be the best way to reboot the memory of a truly excellent little car. Finished in the typical GS Citröen blue (vendor says it is scratched down the side and blame the previous owner), and the interior looks a bit rippled (as they all do), but very little money in play, cheaper than Hertz rental for a 2 week holiday?…. Car is in Olvideas, northern outskirts of Portugal.

Price: 2.200 €

Access original ad at Motores 24h →

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