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1931 Opel P6: Rare & tempting mini-Chevy

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1931 Opel P6 For Sale Description

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How not to sell a rare car…..no information and rubbish photos hide a real gem at a very good price. Although not clear in the photos, this looks like the cabriolet version of the first GM-designed Opel 1.8, built 1931-3. As a result, it looks like a miniature Chevrolet and would have a fold out «dickey seat». The six cylinder engine was unusual in a car of this class, claimed to give 32bhp.

The car was a sales success, but launched into difficult times, so not many can have survived. This car is on the island of Menorca, but no reference as to whether it went there new, was imported later, or the documentation which it has. It is described as a restoration project, with interior and hood having been done (budget to do that again, too often some speedboat guy is contracted to trim the car out in cheap white vinyl…).

Under bonnet looks good and the car seems to be complete and original. Impossible to be sure with these photos, and difficult to value as a result, but worth investigating if you want a straightforward restoration of a rare and good-looking 30s cabriolet. The island location is not a major issue, transport to mainland Spain/northern Europe isn´t hard to arrange. You can have a nice cheap winter holiday whilst you sort the logistics out.

Price: 8.000 €

1931 opel p6 for sale
opel p6 for sale

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